Sunday, May 24, 2009

The fam.

My sleeping beauty after a long day at the beach.
My Bailey Leland, 1

She is my little red head...(If you are wondering where Bailey got her red hair: It is on both sides of the family. RECESSIVE GENES.) I love love love her red hair.

My handsome husband Geoff and I.

My very funny Alexandra. She is a riot.

Alexandra being a silly goober again. These two are best friends and absolutely adore each other. I love it!!!

Alexandra being silly once again.

I want my amazing followers to meet my family. I am happily married with two little girls. My oldest, Alexandra is four and Bailey Leland is one. I love being a mom. I have the luxury to stay home and be there for my girls every minute of the day. I love that. I have them in the kitchen with me a lot. My four yr old is in the kitchen more. She helps me bake. (Bailey likes to lick the beaters and that is about it. She is my little piggy)

This is a funny story. I had Alexandra helping me make pie crust and I told her to beat one egg with 1/2 cp. water. Alex said..."Am I making egg wash?"

What four yr. old knows what egg wash is?

I just found this to be so funny.
When she is in the kitchen with me I explain what I am doing, but I never thought she was paying attention. Obviously she does...

Anyway, I wanted everyone to meet my beautiful daughters and amazing husband.
Have a great memorial day with your family. I know I will.......