Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cold in Michigan French Onion Soup

I am use to it being 70 degrees in the winter. My body is not use to being in 19 degree weather! It makes me want to be in the warm kitchen all day long. Ha! It at least makes me want to make large pots of soup for every meal of everyday with warm homemade bread. Drool. We live in FL. My kiddos never see snow. After the first big snow storm in MI. It left 6-7 in of snow and my in-laws woke up and took my kids sledding. I stayed in the kitchen to make hot chocolate and french onion soup. My youngest was outside for the total of 15 minutes. She went down the hill once and tumbled of the sled and slid to a stop with her beautiful face. YIKES!

My oldest was out sledding much longer. She has been out for at least a hour each day. She loves it! My youngest calls the snow ice! So funny! She does not hesitate to scream her dislike of the "ice".

Anyway, here is the yummy French Onion Soup I made for my in-laws. It was perfect for when they came out of the cold winter day of sledding

My French Onion Soup

-3-4 Medium sized Red Onions
-3-4 Medium sized Yellow Sweet Onions
-6 TB Butter

Melt the butter and then saute the onions until golden brown and yummy. If you need to add more butter...PLEASE do so!

-1-2 tsp. thyme
-1 tsp. salt
-1 tsp. pepper

Add to the sauteed onions.

-8 cps. of beef broth

Add the beef broth and let simmer!

You will need:

-Sliced baguettes
-Provolone Cheese

Top each bowl of soup with sliced baguettes and then top with cheese. Put each oven proof bowls in the oven on broil. When they are crispy and turning brown remove them and serve on a plate!

Yummy! Now, eat this entire bowl of delish and go back out for sledding for a few hours or you can take a long nap with a warm cozy blanket!