Friday, November 20, 2009

Goodbye Detergent

Let me begin by saying I fell upon a product called Goodbye Detergent. It is an environmental friendly scrub made out of very unique material. The Goodbye detergent is made of recycled corn cobs, peach pits, & walnut shells. HOW INTERESTING IS THAT!?

When using Goodbye Detergent you will not have to use soap. Many soaps are toxic and harmful to the environment anyway!!

These abrasive Goodbye Detergent is sold in a 100% recycled material.

There are three forms of Goodbye Detergent. There is Kitchen Cleaning Pads, Indoor Cleaning Pads and Spaghetti Scrubs (Which is what I use.)

I want to share the list of positives that I found on their site:

Reusable scrubs last for months
Unique pliable shape
Great for peeling vegetables
Lack of mold and bacteria
No smell or rust
Save money and the environment by reducing the need for soaps

Awesome. Right?!

I have one and use it daily! I love it! IT saves a lot of money on buying detergent and it keeps everything really clean.

This is a great Eco-friendly way to keep your dishes clean and help the environment.
Check out their site at:
I know I have many Eco-friends that will love this for the holidays!!!