Sunday, December 13, 2009

News! News! News!

I am so sorry that I have MIA. I have been sick and after finally going to the Urgent Care yesterday I was diagnosed with WALKING PHENOMENA. It felt like a elephant was sitting on my chest! After loading me on meds I am finally starting to feel a little like myself! Finally! I can breath and talk. Wow. I forgot how that felt.

Anyway, I also have other big news. We are leaving for Ohio on Thursday for the holidays. Well, My mother-in-law asked my husband if we could stay with her until Feb. 1! They in-laws would then drive us back home once the hubs gets settled in Gainesville. (The reason with have been in limbo and staying at the EXTENDED STAY)

At first, the hubs and I were thinking, "HELL NO. THAT IS TO LONG AWAY FROM EACH OTHER!" Then, the hubs and I went back and forth with the pros and cons. Bailey's second Birthday is on Jan. 9 which means the hubs would miss it, BUT the entire family could be there! We have not had a family party since our move in 06!! (PRO)
The kids have been in rare form, but they are locked in a 400 sq. ft hotel room and my in-laws have a huge house with lots of toys and room. (Pro) My girls have a new set of twin girl cousins that turned one and a new lil boy cousin that will be one in January that they have not met.(Pro) If we stay up there they could see them on a regular basis. Not to mention be at there and celebrate their cousins FIRST BIRTHDAY! Full of family and fun. (Pro) The kids will get to see snow!!!!!! (Pro) Snowmen. (Pro) Sledding. (Pro)They will be with their Nana and Papa who ADORE them. (PRO PRO)
They Pro's were adding up quick.

There was only 2 REALLY BIG con's that I could think of:

1. The girls and I will be without their father for an entire month! (CON CON CON)I will miss my husband so much. My girls will miss their dad so much. How will he eat? Will he be bored? What will he do? Then, I remembered he is a big boy and 4 weeks will go by fast. He survived without me before.

2. I am deathly afraid of my father-in-laws driving. LOL! He will be driving us home.(Con) But I figured I could talk to my mother-in-law and have him drive slow and cautious. (He is a Ford guy. He loves fast cars. He owns a Mustang Cobra. Need I say more?)

So...It looks like the Pro's won! I am leaving the 18th for my mothers. We are staying at my mothers (I can't wait to spend Christmas with my mom and family. It is the only time it feels like Christmas to me.) until the 26 and then drive to Avon Lake, OH which is right on Lake Erie where my husbands family lives. We will stay there for a few days, then my hubs will drive to FL all alone. My kids and I will drive to Canton, Michigan and stay for the month of January. We will be back on the first wk. of February.

DON"T WORRY!!! I will be cooking at my Mother-In-Law's!!! My mother-in-law is not to big of a fan of cooking. Her idea of cooking is Stouffers Lasagna. I will be posting from her beautiful huge kitchen (Pro) and not my lil hotel kitchen. She already told me I could bake and cook until my little heart is content....(I guess, she does not know who she is talking to. LOL)



I have been cooking up a storm, even while being sick this wk. I will be posting (Probably today the beautiful "Christmas Cookie's in a Jar" I made for the family and friends. Come back and check it out....