Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vacation :)

The last two weeks I have been consumed by pure excitement. My husbands best friend (whom we named our daughter after Bailey LELAND) came into town and they played lots of music (They were in a band together for 12 years! They even went to California and tried to become professional musicians), went to the beach multiple times (once on the fourth to watch the fireworks), went to St. Augustine to see the beautiful amazing old houses and forts and lastly we spent four days in a nice hotel in Gainesville. I hope this explains my MIA. Here is some photos of the fun fun week and half:

Look at that sky?!?! It was so fantastic! That is the castle that Alex built...She is getting so big. :)
Bailey and I...

This is what the sky looked like. It was amazing...Bailey is playing in a little water-hole..

Alex is so proud of her daddy....She idolizes him.

Alex watching the jets fly across the sky at Daytona Beach.

Daytona Beach...Alex in the waves.
Bailey playing in the sand...

Bailey Sandy Face :)
Castle time!
My husband (left) and David Leland (right)
Love this photo. David Leland.

Love this photo. It is my husbands all time favorite guitar: Les Paul.

This is why I gave him a chance in College....He looks so handsome singing. :)
My husband and Dave still playing music. They played for many nights. This is the first time that my husband played all of his old music that he and David has written. It was so great to hear. It took me back 7 years. I have missed those years so much.
St. Augustine Bay....So lovely.
My Family:))) I am sooo lucky.
The fort...
The fort again...It was so beautiful. St. Augustine is one of my favorite places..

Enough pictures..

I do have posts planned too. All of my beautiful sunflowers have passed, but now I have lots of yummy Roasted Sunflower Seeds. I will be posting on the process.

I also have been testing out my first Lodge Cast Iron Skillet with many recipes. I will be sharing how to maintain a cast iron and some of my favorite recipes.

I also have been testing a Grow Box. I will be posting on what that is and the growing progression....

Take care and I have missed you all. :)