Monday, June 14, 2010

My Garden!

I grew up in Ohio. You go in your back yard and rototiller your yard, plant your seeds and the garden grew. NOW, I have been in FL for four years!!! FOUR!! This is the first year I grew a garden. Wow. I was worried about the difficulty. My entire yard was sand and the sun. I started out by a small garden. By adding a lot of soil and mixing it with sand the plants grew!

I was amazed so I added more and more....
This is Oregano. My second batch...I already used the entire plant and it regrew.
This is my basil plant. It was a massive tree. It started growing flowers. I cut the entire bush down to the bottom. I dried most of the basil and the rest went to homemade pesto.
NOW, this is my most prized plant. The ten foot tomato plants!!! They grow to the roof of my house and then bend down. I literally had to tie them with zip ties to the screen of my porch! INSANE! Has anyone every seen anything that crazy?!
I grew three types of tomato: The Beefsteak Tomato

Cherry Tomato
Roma Tomato....My favorite. I love to make salsa with these babies! I also like to slice them very thin and use them as a pizza topping...mmmmhhhh

I planted lots and lots and lots of green beans.

This is for my Alexandra...She asked me to plant Sunflowers. She was working on the letter "S" in preschool and she tried Sunflower Seeds. Alex loved them and begged to plant some sunflowers. She helped me. They are now 10 feet tall. It is amazing a few months ago they were little seeds.
Beautiful sunflower that is the size of Alexandra's head.
They are about ten feet tall....As you can tell.... Cucumbers, but I have not seen any blooms...YET!
Watermelon BLOOMING!!!!!

More tomatoes....

This is Brussel Sprouts...They are turning out beautiful. Can't wait.

Jalapenos!!! A MUST in my house!!! My husband drinks with them in his beer!!! It was a Bobby Flay trick that my husband fell in love with

I want to THANK Diana Bauman from A Little Bit Of Spain in Iowa. You are truly inspiration. I am honored to call you a friend. Thank you!