Monday, November 30, 2009

Suite Meal 8: Oh My Steak Roll Ups!

Steak. Steak. Steak.
I am not sure what to call this. Heaven!?
I made a Steak Sub with Spicy Coleslaw, Marinates Sirloin, Fries, and a little bit of cheese.
I used sourdough bread in this pic. I used the sauce to dip the bread too. Kinda like a Panini meets French dip.

Here is what I marinates the Sirloin in:

1/2 cp. A1
3-4 cps. Beef Broth
3 TB Worcestershire Sauce
3 TB Montreal Steak Seasoning.

Marinate over night

I removed the Sirloin and added Montreal Seasoning to both sides of the Sirloin. I then seared both sides of the sirloin to form a crust.
Add the marinate (make sure you scrap the yummies off the bottom of the pan.) and simmer for a few hours. Remove the sirloin from the broth. Let Rest. Slice very thin and add back to the broth.
I cooked a lot of sirloin 4lbs, so of course I had a lot leftover. I made another sandwich for my husband and I made a roll-up using the same ingredients. I love the roll-up. I can't stand hard bread scratching the roof of my mouth, but the hubs loves any sandwich he can get.
I must admit this is one of the best sandwiches yet.....

Wow. What can I say?! IT was super yummy. I just used a huge flour tortilla and added the steak, coleslaw, mozzarella cheese, fries, and a little horseradish.