Monday, November 30, 2009

Suite Meal 8: Oh My Steak Roll Ups!

Steak. Steak. Steak.
I am not sure what to call this. Heaven!?
I made a Steak Sub with Spicy Coleslaw, Marinates Sirloin, Fries, and a little bit of cheese.
I used sourdough bread in this pic. I used the sauce to dip the bread too. Kinda like a Panini meets French dip.

Here is what I marinates the Sirloin in:

1/2 cp. A1
3-4 cps. Beef Broth
3 TB Worcestershire Sauce
3 TB Montreal Steak Seasoning.

Marinate over night

I removed the Sirloin and added Montreal Seasoning to both sides of the Sirloin. I then seared both sides of the sirloin to form a crust.
Add the marinate (make sure you scrap the yummies off the bottom of the pan.) and simmer for a few hours. Remove the sirloin from the broth. Let Rest. Slice very thin and add back to the broth.
I cooked a lot of sirloin 4lbs, so of course I had a lot leftover. I made another sandwich for my husband and I made a roll-up using the same ingredients. I love the roll-up. I can't stand hard bread scratching the roof of my mouth, but the hubs loves any sandwich he can get.
I must admit this is one of the best sandwiches yet.....

Wow. What can I say?! IT was super yummy. I just used a huge flour tortilla and added the steak, coleslaw, mozzarella cheese, fries, and a little horseradish.


  1. what a nice picture of the cross section - this looks delicious.

  2. ohmygosh, I love this idea! Will be saving this recipe. Thanks for the post.

  3. These look great! I love how motivated you are even though you are in a small kitchen. Keep up all the delicious work :)

  4. Oh this does look good. I use Montreal Steak Seasoning for all sorts of things - including hot turkey sandwiches! Love what you put together.

  5. Love it. It's like a value meal in a wrap. It's got everything one needs to be satisfied.

  6. Wow! That's a sandwich!

  7. those steak roll ups look delicious! they make a great quick whip up lunch meal

  8. no kitchen wow you are making us look bad nice job Miranda!! these look fantastic!

  9. Oh yummy, Looks like it's straight out of a Philly deli! I remember those wonderful roast beef specials, as they were called. Fresh dark rye bread, piled high with real roast beef, then slaw, topped with a slice of Swiss cheese!

  10. wow, every man's dream rolled up in one handful - who wouldn't like it...nice job girl...oh, how much longer before you're back in house....

  11. Your steak wraps look delicious! I love the cross section picture!

  12. Now that is one hearty sandwich! I love the marinade with the Worcestershire sauce.

  13. Looks like a great way to serve steak! Great for lunch as well.

  14. Gosh that is making me crazy for some steak right now...I committed to tacos and a pizza that Angie's recipe had made, but this is definitely going on my list for the weekend...ditto on the cross section view! Did I say YUM already?

  15. Steak wrap looks really good! Yumm... love me some steak sandwich.

    I've also "Thumbed Up" this post on Stumble Upon.

    CCR =:~)

  16. My husband would go crazy for this sandwich---looks/sounds fantastic!

  17. Now that's the kinda sandwich my kids would love and they're not overly fond of sandwiches to begin with!

    Happy Friday!


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