Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Suite Meal #2: Braised Chicken, Leeks and Artichokes

Oh. What. A. Day.

My children decided to wake up at 5 am.! Well, let me rephrase that. My husband getting up and ready for work in our TINY room woke up the children at 5 am!

I decided to do a little grocery shopping before dropping my baby off to school at 9. I figured it would help out because I can put the kiddos and myself to sleep at noon after school. BAD MISTAKE!

#1 Mistake: I gave my oldest vitamins on our way out the door. She wanted a doughnut soooooooo I was going to grab it as soon as we got inside the store. Let me just say, we made it to the doughnuts, but it was not a doughnut I put in the doughnut bag .Alex's stomach was upset from the lack of food before her vitamin. The good news, she ate and felt a lot better..

#2 Mistake: I had Alex sitting in the big section of the grocery cart. Bailey sat in the top. Well, I was running out of room for groceries without COMPLETELY burying Alexandra. I put a few groceries with Bailey. I grabbed a few rolls of paper towels and Alex thought it would be funny to throw them back out.

GRRR. I pick them up. Put them back into the cart.
CRASH. Bailey thought it would be funny to throw a entire bottle of A1 across the grocery store. Yes, it shattered. Yes, it splattered. Yes, I was horrified.

I walked to the front. (Not much staff at 7 am) I found a worker and informed there was a spill. I took the kids back to the disaster and apologize to the older man cleaning my TIRED kiddos work of art.

This all happened before 8 am. Yes, the day did get better. I MADE MY SECOND SUITE MEAL: BRAISED CHICKEN LEEKS, AND ARTICHOKES. It was a lovely end to a hectic insane day.
First, add 2 TB of butter and let melt. Salt and Pepper both sides of the chicken and brown both sides. While the chicken is browning cut the leaks in small bite size pieces and let soak in water to remove any dirt. Remove the chicken and add the leaks and another 2 TB. of butter.

Let the leaks soften and then add the wine. Let reduce. Add quartered artichokes. Toss. Add the chicken broth, cream and salt and pepper. When soft add the chicken and top parm. cheese. Cover. Let cook for 10 min on med-high heat.


4 TB. butter
4 Chicken Breast
6-8 leeks trimmed, cut in bite size pieces.
1 15oz. of Artichoke quarters, drained
2/3 cp. dry white wine
2/3 cp. chicken broth
2/3 cp. heavy cream
1/4 cp. parm cheese
salt and pepper

I must say, this turned out wonderful. SO SO FLAVORFUL AND YUMMY. I served with white rice, but it would be awesome on top of pasta too! I actually ate it on top of peirogies. WOW!