Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kumquat Marmalade

I have to admit, I have never heard of Kumquats. My girlfriend had a Kumquat tree and gave me an overabundance amount of fruit. WOW! They are so sweet and taste so amazing. I had to make something with them and QUICK!

My husband loves Orange Marmalade, so I found a recipe with a Kumquat twist!

My recipe:

3 cps. Kumquats, Deseeded and Rinsed
3 Oranges, Deseeded
4 cps. water
4 cps. sugar
1 lemon, juiced and discarded

1. I deseeded the oranges and Kumquats and gave them a rinse. I then threw everything in the food processor with the lemon juice. I pulsed a few times. I then added the sugar and water and let sit over night.
2. I brought to a boil and then let it simmer until it reached a 220 temperature... It took awhile. Be patient.

3. I then put them in sterilized jars. Let sit in a cool temperature.

I can't wait to dig in this morning!!!!