Thursday, September 3, 2009

ORANGE Marinara Sauce...And A Story of Inspiration!!

I want to share a story with you. I think it is very inspiring and gives me some hope and makes me strive as a parent. As I get older and time is flying by I see a lot of people worrying to much about themselves and not stopping to smell the roses (so to speak). For example, how many times does someone open the door for you? Or a complete stranger help you load groceries? So on and So on. This was common many years back.

Anyway, my husband and I went to the store for our weekend amount of DVD rentals. While I was waiting for my husband in our family truckster with two crazy kiddos I saw the most inspiring and generous act. An old lady was walking into the store, but barely. She was very old and was having so much trouble. All of a sudden a young lady ran into the store and I seen her riding out on a motorized cart! She drove it up to the lady and helped her on it. The young lady then walked away and continued her day. WOW! I was so moved! Is that crazy!?

How great is that? How inspiring? I open doors for people and give away my cart to a person in need of one . I found a purse opened spewing out money in a grocery cart and turned it in right away. I make food for girlfriends who just had a baby or who are sick. I thank my phenomenal parents for that. They have instilled many value inside me. I am so grateful. Now, that I am a mother I hope that I can instill the same into my daughters. I hope they would be that girl to run into the store to help an elder lady having trouble getting her own grocery cart. *Fingers Crossed*

Switch of moods...Orange Marinara Sauce!!!!
I know..It sounds crazy, but I came across these beautiful orange tomatoes. I tasted them and they were I had to make a sauce from it!!!!


About 10-12 Orange Tomatoes
2 TB Olive Oil
1 Orange bell pepper, diced
1 Sweet Yellow onion, diced
4 garlic cloves, sliced thin
1 tsp. crushed red pepper
3 tsp. Italian seasoning (I usually use fresh herbs, but I wanted to cook this all day and let the flavors mingle)
3 TB. of Parm. Cheese

Browned Sausage
Basil Garnish

The Orange tomatoes!!! Boil in a pot for 5 minutes. Strain. Let cool. Remove skin and seeds. Chop. Add to the sauce pot with the sauteed veggies.

While the Tomatoes are boiling saute the veggies on low with 2 TB of Olive oil. You want to cook the onions, peppers, garlic and crushed red pepper where you are almost caramelizing the garlic. Cook low until browned and then add the tomatoes.

Let the veggies mingle. Cook down. Puree in the food processor and add back to the pot. Add the dried or fresh herbs. Let cook. Add the cheese.

Toss the noodles in the sauce to coat.

This is Alex's dish. LOL. Notice the Princess plate? She asked me to take a picture...How could I say no?!

The dish I made for the hubby. I added spicy browned sausge!! YUM!