Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Paradise and Bakerella Cupcake Pops

The last 5 days have been full of excitement. Friday my oldest graduated preschool. I made Bakerella Cake Pops for the graduation! They were a huge hit!! You can find them here.

My mother flew down for the graduation . The night after the ceremony we left and spent the days on the beach. It was an amazing time. We ate fantastic meals at little beach side restaurants and laid on the beach for four whole days. It was paradise. This is a misty picture of the fantastic Flagler Beach. A small beach town full of wonderful small eateries and shops. The beach was a warm ,vacant, with red sand and crabs that roamed around the gorgeous beach.
My mom in the water with my two daughters and my best friends daughter.

My mom in the waves with my oldest. They were laughing so hard. I had to capture this ever lasting memory.
My youngest fell asleep at the beach everyday for her nap. She was at peace hearing the waves hitting the shore.

My girls and I. My youngest is not too happy. She is ready for a nap after all the swimming and fun.

Now, I dropped my mother off at the airport and on her way back to Ohio. We had the best time...It is back to reality.....

I have many new recipes and reviews I will be sharing this month. Stay tuned.