Saturday, June 6, 2009

Homemade Pizza Pockets for My Baby

My baby Alexandra loves pizza pockets! It is her fav. and asks for them everyday. I decided to create my own. This was really simple and not to mention, way better for her. My husband loved them and devoured most of them. He thought they would be an amazing app. for a party or a dinner party.
They turned out crunchy, light and flavorful. I tried a few different things. I tried using one wonton wrapper per pizza pocket but that caused a small amount of filling. I decided to use two wonton wrappers per pizza pocket and it was perfect. It was almost like a fried ravioli, but with pizza filling. I served it with homemade pizza sauce.

The inside of the pizza pocket was filled with a simple filling: mozzarella, provolone and peperoni.
Anyway, just try it for your kiddos. It is soooo simple and they will love you for it. Alex actually hugged me. I think my hubby wanted to too. He loved the Pizza Pockets. It is funny that the simple things are what they love the most.
Pizza Pockets for Alex

1 package of wonton wrappers
1 bag of Sargento Provolone and Mozzarella cheese mix
1 bag of peporoni
Egg Wash
2 eggs
2 TB of water
1 quart of oil
1. Layout the wonton wrappers a few at a time add 2-3 slices of peporoni and then top it with cheese. Egg wash around the edges and lay a second wonton wrapper on top. Press around the edges with a fork.
2. Heat oil to 350. (I just put med-high heat and test it.) When the oil is ready add the pizza pockets 3-4 at a time.
3. When brown remove and toss on some parm cheese.