Friday, July 17, 2009

Dirty Blondes: A Cross Between Brownies and Blondies.

Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla!!!!
My favorite ingredient! There is nothing I would rather talk about on my 100th post!
Yep, today is my 100th post~Congratulations to me!!
I am celebrating by posting extraordinary brownies, I mean Blondie's, no no...A cross in the middle...Dirty Blonde's..
I also want to inform my readers I am going to host a giveaway.
This time I will be giving away the most amazing products. Boston Vanilla Bean Company Vanilla Paste (MY FAVORITE INGREDIENT EVER).

Stay posted....The Giveaway will be real real soon!!!

Dirty Blondie's

2 Sticks of butter, melted
3 cps. Vanilla Sugar (Another FAV)
1 TB Vanilla Paste
4 eggs
1 melted 4.4 oz. of Hershey Milk Choc. Bar
1 tsp. salt
1 bag of caramel choc. chips.
1 1/2 cps. flour

1. I added the first three ingredients and mixed until fluffy. I then added one egg at time. I slowly added the melted chocolate bar. I added the salt and then the sifted flour. Lastly, I added the caramel choc. chips. I mixed until just mixed.
2. I added to a greased 11 X 13 pan.
3. Baked on 350 for 45-hour. When tooth pick comes clean...

My husband absolutely adored these...I will not be making anything else....He said that it resembles fudge.

I hope you enjoy!!