Monday, June 15, 2009

Microplane Grater Review

I received a Microplane 45000 Gourmet Series Coarse Grater with an incredible attachment as seen in the picture on the left. Let me just say, I am in love. I have been mincing my own garlic for as long as I can remember. Tonight I grated 7 cloves of garlic in less then a minute. I must admit, when my husband sat down to eat dinner tonight I had to show him how amazing this product truly is. I grabbed a clove of garlic and let my Microplane go to work. I needed a coarse grater because of my vast amount of mincing garlic and finely shredding my parm. cheese. It makes kitchen prep fly by. Obviously you can also use it as a zester for lemon, lime and oranges too. Whatever you would like coarsely grated this would be perfect. (Cheese, Coconut, Garlic, Lemons, Limes and Chocolate)
Let me give you some information about Microplane. Microplane began in 1990 in Arkansas and it all began with a housewife making a cake. Microplane made metal with etched holes and was not exactly sure of their clientele. One day a women named Lorraine Lee was making a cake she decided to use the tool her husband brought home and zest an orange. That was the beginning of a permanent spot for Microplane in the household kitchen.
Not only is the Microplane grater phenomenal, but it is affordable. The 4500 Gourmet Series Coarse Grater is only 17 dollars and the fabulous attachment is five dollars! The site is: Check the site out and browse.
My final take on Microplane grater is it is simple to use, versatile and and does a phenomenal job. It can be simply used without the attachment or you can easily snap the attachment on the grater. I enjoy the attachment because it adds and extra safety element. The Microplane grater also has a huge handle making it easy to grip and for safety. Like I said before, I grated (minced) 7 cloves of garlic in less then a minute. I am so happy and elated this will be staple in my household.


  1. I do a lot of cooking at my friends place, I usually bring my own set of knives. The grater I felt in love is the Dual Grater by Cuisinart. 2 graters in 1 and it does a great job.

  2. Hey thanks so much for this review, Miranda! I don't own a microplane, but will need one desperately for a birthday dinner and dessert that I'm making for my dad (Girlichef's Puerco Pibil and Bella Eats' Key Lime Butter Cookies). Plus I LOVE making homemade pasta sauce, and anything to make mincing garlic easier is an added bonus to me ;) Thanks again!

  3. The micro plane is my all time most favorite tool in my kitchen. I used it yesterday to grate fresh ginger for carrot soup. I love it.

  4. These things are wonderful. Add citrus zest to your marinades during grilling season and you won't want it any other way.


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