Monday, June 22, 2009

Shrimp Tempura and California Rolls for my Husband

Let me start by saying, I love California Rolls and Tempura Rolls. My husband I use to eat them twice a week when we first moved to Florida three years ago. I have admit it is much easier to make then I thought. My husband did not believe I could do it. He actually told me not to even bother. Which of course made me more desperate for the perfect roll. When I finished and gave him his first huge plate of shrimp tempura rolls he was elated. He could not believe how well they turned out. The rolls where just like any sushi shop. I will make these again and again. They are healthy, satisfying, fresh and so so yummy! Enjoy!
1 cp. sushi rice
1 1/4 cp. cold water
1/3 cp. vinegar
2 TB sugar
1. Rinse the rice. Add it to a pot with the cold water. Bring to a boil and then turn it down until simmering. Simmer for 20 minutes. Add to a cool pan and toss (Cook vinegar and sugar in a bowl and microwave until sugar is dissolved) with the rice and vinegar mix. Cool.
California Rolls
3 cps. sticky rice
4 sheets of sea weed
Cucumber (Skinned, De seeded, and cut lengthwise)
Crab (cut Thin and Lenghtwise)
Avocado (Cut thin and Lenghtwise)
You take the bamboo roller and place plastic wrap over top. Lay the sea weed sheet on top. Add about 1 cp. of sticky rice. (Wet fingers) Push the rice down over top of the sea weed and leave about and inch at the top to seal. When you are down pressing the ride down flip it over. Put one or two cucumbers, one or two crab, and one or two avocados in the middle. Then Roll.
I refridged when I was done (without cutting) and waited until all the rolls where made then I brought them all out of the refridge and cut them.
Any questions ask!!!!
Shrimp Tempura
3cps. sticky rice
4 sheets of seaweed sheets
8-10 shrimp tempura
1 avocado (sliced thin and lenghtwise)
Follow the same directions as above for the rolls
Shrimp Tempura
20-30 shrimp
2 cps. tempura batter (Usually found in the seafood Section)
Follow the directions on the back of the box but instead of using water use Soda Water. It adds the extra crunch and it taste so amazing. I think my husband ate 20 of these by themselves.
1 quart of veg. oil.
1. Batter a few at a time with tongs and add to the hot oil. If you are using it in the rolls. you have to straighten by breaking the back of the shrimp a little. Make sure it is very straight before putting it in the batter and then frying.
Once again, if you have any questions just ask!


  1. These look beautiful. -Tien

  2. What a lucky husband.. and father!

  3. Yum! Sushi is far and away my favorite thing to eat. I'd love to be able to make it at home. Thanks for the good information.

  4. Hats off to your dedication, the rolls look sooo
    delicious.Your husband is no doubt lucky and we too, to have you as a friend.

  5. These look great! Definitely a project I want to try out now. Thanks for sharing.

  6. this looks lovely. I've saved it to my recipe box.

  7. Nice!! I love california rolls, too. I've been wanting to try to make some for along time. Looks really simple to make. Saving this.

  8. Thats it, Im definitely throwing off my Mediterranean apron and having a go at some Japanese for at least...24 hours lol Many thans for the inspiring recipe!

  9. Hi Miranda,

    What a coincidence! I made sushi too for a pre- father's day lunch :)

    Well done, you too have done a great job! Thank you for sharing the tempura recipe. Will try it out the next time I make sushi.

  10. Yum. The rice always stumps me.

  11. These look great. I love shushi too and have had my eye on trying my own, but really didn't think I could tackle it with success. You made it sound easy.

  12. Girl...are you after my own heart or what!! My hubby wouldn't touch sushi with a ten foot pole, but luckily my six-year-old will!! I'll never forget the day I took him to Fuji Sushi off of Lee, and one of the sushi chefs gave him a piece of octopus and eel. He loved both!

    This would be a super fun recipe to make with him ;) Great job, mama! The rolls are beautiful!!

  13. I love these, just seems better to make them myself.

  14. Yummy ! They sure looks tasty ! Thank you very much for sharing.

  15. I love making my own sushi - yours looks much prettier though! I am loving your blog!

  16. Great job - they look so professional!

  17. I love shrimp tempura and california rolls- a great combination!

  18. You did such a great job with these! I've been seeing homemade sushi and rolls all over the place recently - it's a sign that I need to hop on the bandwagon, too!

  19. My hubby figured out how to make rolls like this at home, and we ate them all the time for awhile... now, I'm craving them again!


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