Friday, July 31, 2009

Emile Henry and Cherry's

Lets begin by saying, YES..I pitted 6 lbs of cherries with out a cherry pitter. It was not as hard as I thought it would be. I went to the farmers market and they were selling wonderful cherries for 3lb for 2 dollars. Of course, I had to buy 6 lbs. I made a Cherry Pie and Cherry Vanilla Jam.

I have made three or four pies using my Emile Henry pie pan and I want to add it makes a fantastic pie. It cooks the pie crust evenly. Not to mention, the pie never sticks. You always get that perfect slice with Emile Henry.
Check them out at:

Cherry Pie
found in Food Network Magazine

Pie Crust
3 sticks of unsalted butter, COLD
3 1/2 cp flour 1/4 cp sugar
1 tsp. salt
1 TB vinegar
1/3 cp. ice water

1. Add the flour, sugar and salt. Pulse to combine in the food processor. Add one stick of the cold butter chopped in cubes. Pulse 3 times. Add the vinegar and another stick of butter. Pulse
3 times. Add the last stick of butter. Pulse three times. Add the ice

water and pulse until dough roll forms.
Refridge for one hour.

6 cps. cherries
2 TB quick tapioca
3/4 cp. sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp of almond and vanilla extracts
2 TB water

4 TB butter

Mix all together and pour in pie shell. Dot with 4 TB butter

My Vanilla Cherry Jam

5 cps Cherries, purred
Juice of 2 lemons
1 package of Pectin
1 Vanilla Bean, scraped clean (I use Boston Vanilla Bean Company)
3 3/4 cps Vanilla Sugar

Boil the jars and have them ready to fill.

Bring the cherries to a boil. Add the lemons, paste, Pectin. Add sugar one cup at a time.

Let it boil rapidly for one minute and then stir. Shut off. Add jam to jars. Put the jars with jam in them in a boiling bath with lids tightly on. Let the jars sit in the bath for a few minutes. Remove.... You should hear the lids pop (lock)as they cool.


  1. You are getting me to crave sweet pastries. I never crave sweet pastries! Shame on you lol. But those cherries oozing out of that perfectly made pastry have me converted. I need to get myself some cherry pie!

  2. You pitted 6 times more tha what I had done. I barely made it through a 1 pound of cherries and nearly threw my hands up in the air for defeat. LOL. Nicely done.

  3. Yeah even with the pitter I still had red fingers and it dripping they were so ripe, and you have to help the seed out, but isn't it worth it! Love this...

  4. I laugh because I have to do the same thing but thankfully I only have 3 lbs at home. Still no use but it was a great deal I could not turn down.

    Although that vanilla cherry jam sounds good!!!!

  5. This looks sooo luscious! I love those Emile Henry pie pans too. And omg! Cherries!... I'll try your vanilla cherry jam soon ;)

  6. Both the jam and the pie look fabulous! I can't believe you pitted 6 pounds of cherries without a pitter. It looks as though you reaped the benefits.

  7. LOL...Do you want to hear something even funnier? My four yr. old drew a pic of a big bowls full of cherries and me sitting in between them with a knife...haha
    how funny is that?

  8. That's unbelievable! That's some patience you have! :) Everything looks great though.

  9. I have 3 lbs of gorgeous bing cherries, but no pitter and no patience for doing it with a knife. But your pie and jam look magnificent.

  10. Oh Cherry pie sounds like Heaven to me right bout now. Pass the ice cream scooper along with my slice.

  11. Cherry pie is my favorite...and that jam sounds killer...YUMmerS!

  12. Oh that jam looks divine. I bet it goes well on close to anything!

  13. Holy cherry! 60 lbs! How long did that take you?
    But well worth the labor with those luscious pie and jam!

  14. The cherry pie looks heavenly and I would love the vanilla cherry jam. Cherry jam is always my favorite.

  15. Whoaaa $2 per lb of fresh cherry is really cheap. Over here we have to pay thru our nose for fresh cherry...haha making them into jam is a real treat over here. And your cherry pie looks delicious...your kids must love to eat them :)

  16. Oh how I long for a piece of that cherry pie. There is nothing better!

  17. Miranda, I NEED Vanilla Paste!!! You have inbedded this into my dreams, lol! Wow, the cherry vanilla jam looks amazing! I'm going to have to make this one :)

  18. I made cherry pie recently and left 4 pits in even WITH a pitter...lucky we still have teeth.

  19. Oh this looks delicious. I love "American-style" pies. In France, there was no such good ol pie like your beautiful cherry pie. And the addition of ice cream really doesn't hurt.

  20. Hey Miranda...I'd be glad to guest post on the 14th. We'll figure out how to do a week before. I gotta think what I'm going to write. ;-)

    you can email me at, if there's anything specific I should know.

  21. That is an amazing price for cherries...I'm jealous! Your pie and jam both look fabulous...I'm craving cherries now! :)

  22. whoops! I meant SIX lbs! Typo! Haha, 60 lbs would be crazy!

  23. Beautiful pastry....cherry in season, wonderful to make a pie or tart for a rainy day (it rains, rains, and rains without stop here....)
    Angie's Recipes

  24. are Today's Top 9..Great one!

  25. Miranda some day I am going to visit your dream and ask for a bottle of vanilla cherry jam will you share your bottle with this crazy friend?
    I can drop any where for this delicious food.
    You are a very special friend and A Very Happy Friendship Day to you and all your friends.
    Love always.

  26. This looks delicious! I love homemade jams, and the vanilla/cherry combination looks especially appealing. I know you asked about submitting your chicken salad to the Monthly Mingle on my blog - as long as it has melon in it, it's fits with the month's theme! The details for the blog event are on a blog called What's For Lunch, Honey so check it out.

  27. Cherry pie sounds so great right now! I can't believe that deal! $2 is a steal, I would have had to stock up as well. Loved seeing what you did with all of them!

  28. This is the only way I like cherries - with lots of sugar and baked between two crusts! Looks delicious.

  29. It looks fabulous! Wow that jam, totally awesome.

  30. The cherry jam looks so wonderful. I can't wait to make it and have it with my toast in the mornings.

  31. I love cherries...I just made a cherry cobbler and yes i pitted some cherries too...did not have a cherry pitter; i used the good old straw technique, tooo long...i will be investing in a cherry pitter. Cherry pie looks good, girl!!!


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