Friday, July 24, 2009

O Olive Oil Products

Have you ever wanted to add a little more flavor to your dishes?
Is one of your favorite ingredients Olive Oil?

Hello O Olive Oil.

O Olive Oil began in 1995 providing spectacular organic citrus-crushed olive oils. Premium vinegars followed in 1997.

What a line-up. Unique flavors like; O Jalapeno Lime, O Clementine, O Blood Orange, O Meyer Lemon, O Tahitian Lime, O Ruby Grapefruit and of course O Extra Virgin.

Yes, the Orange and Cranberry Granola Bars - O Blood Orange. The Spanish/TexMex fare - O Jalapeno LItalicime. I have prepared salads such as my Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato Pasta Salad with O Meyer Olive Oil.

As unbelievable and versatile as they are, go for sweet or savory, fruity or spicy, whether dinner/siesta/breakfast.

The O Team have created masterpiece barrel aged wine vinegar: O Champagne Vinegar, O Port Vinegar, O Zinfandel Vinegar, O Pomegranate Vinegar, O Lemon Champagne Vinegar, O White Balsamic Vinegar, O Balsamic Vinegar, O Cabernet Vinegar, O Cassis Vinegar, O Cuvee Vinegar, O Pinot Noir Vinegar, O Sherry Vinegar, O Port Balsamic Vinegar and the wonderful O Ginger Rice Vinegar.

Wow! Take a breath…

What a variety. I am in love with their White Balsamic. It is my personal favorite. I dribbled the O Ginger Rice Vinegar in my Stir Fry this week and am planning on using it for my sushi rice next week.

O Olive Oils products are used on Food Network and by many top chefs but are reasonable enough for the average housewife’s kitchen. O Olive Oil’s most expensive bottle runs $18 and $12 for the vinegars.

As Geoff says, “that’s only like a 12 pack..............Wait, what are you thinking?!”

You can find O Olive Oil products at many specialty stores such as Whole Foods or visit:


  1. I love olive oil and all kinds of weird vinegars ;-)

  2. I am so glad I found this post! Clementine olive oil is on my list of things I need! You gotta try it over ice cream, weird yes, but Awesome! Sprinkle with coarse sea salt. mmmmm yum!


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