Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Simple Tomato Salad or Brushetta...

I have been stressing out a little. We are out of our place by Oct. 1 but as of right now, we are not sure where we are headed. If my husbands job will be starting, we will be in Gainesville, FL or we may have to linger here for a little longer until it starts. Extended Stay, maybe.....I just want this job to start and for the stress to diminish.

Good thing: this recipe is stress free, delish and made with all farmers market fresh veggies. I go to an incredible farmers market every wed. I stock my fridge! Today I got: 5 lbs pea pods, 3 lbs green beans, 20 Roma tomatoes, 6 Orange Acid Free tomatoes, 15 apples, 12 plums, 2 lbs bananas, 6 heads of Bibb lettuce, 12 HUGE carrots, 4 red peppers, 4 green peppers, cilantro, red onion, 1 lb cherry tomatoes, 6 ears of corn, 2 Big cucumbers, 1lb jalapenos = 35.00!!!!! You can't beat it!!!! I love that place. It has about 40 to 50 vender's and it is at a Fair Grounds. It takes 20 min. to get there, but I make the trek every Wed. no matter what.

What did I make with what I received? WELL....
My husband has been gone since Monday, that is another reason for my lack of posting. I have no one to cook for, but I will make up for that. I am entertaining this weekend and I am planning to be in the kitchen baking ALL day.

I made a Simple salad or put it on toasted bread for a simple brushetta...

My Simple Orange Tomato Salad

1/4 cp. of Greek Salad Dressing
3 TB Parm Cheese
4-6 TB fresh basil cut in shreds
salt and pepper

Mix together for the dressing

4 Orange Tomatoes
1/4 cp. diced red onions
1 container of small mozzarella balls, each one cut in half

(If you are using bread rub garlic on the bread!!)

WOW! Yes, this tasted as good as it looks. LOL.


  1. Wow you got a lot of fruit and vegetables! What a great way to use up some of those lovely vegetables.

  2. i love your cooking and the blog is also fun ...i am a foodie and loves experimenting in the kitchen apart from the time i spend experimenting in the lab ... i love it :) i recommend you must watch Julie and julia :) you would kno why i asked you to see it :)
    keep cooking
    keep posting

    love your writes :)


  3. So easy but so tasty! Might have to use up the last of our tomatoes from the BLT challenge for some bruschetta this weeeknd!

  4. mmm. looks good. and diety! thanks for that. (because I sooo know you did this post for me)

  5. I love your simple recipes and fresh ingredients.

  6. What a simple fabulous recipe and yet healthy!


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