Sunday, October 4, 2009

Spider Cupcakes for My Girls

My girls love Halloween. My oldest has been asks, "Is Halloween tomorrow?" Almost everyday. I figured I would create something special for them. I bought a book called Ghoulish Goodies. Wow, what a great book.

I created these cupcakes from that book! Not to mention, they are super simple and look terrific!


1 3/4 cp. flour
2 heaping TB of unsweetened cocoa
1 1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. salt

Sift together and set aside.

3/4 cp. veg. oil
1 sugar
1 cp. buttermilk
2 eggs
2 TB red food coloring
1 tsp vanilla
1 cp. chocolate chips

In a mixer add the sugar, veg. oil and buttermilk. Mix well. Add one egg at a time. Add the red food color and mix until red everywhere. Add the vanilla and chocolate chips.

Slowly add the sifted dry ingredients

Put in Cupcake tins. Bake on 350 for 18 minutes. Cool for Ten Minutes.

The Cream Cheese Frosting

1 8oz. cream cheese, soft
1 stick of butter, soft
6 cps confectioners sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extracts
1/2 cp. unsweetened cocoa powder

1. Beat the eggs and butter until smooth. Add one cup of sugar at a time. When all the sugar is used add the vanilla and cocoa. When cupcakes are cool top them with the icing

Use red licorice strings for the legs
I used Halloween M&M's for the eyes.
Chocolate Sprinkles

After icing the cupcake add as much chocolate sprinkles to make it look hairy. Press the legs and eyes in.
I let the girls decorate. If you look at the picture there is some cupcake with multiple eyes, my husband made those.....IT WAS A FAMILY AFFAIR!! SO MUCH FUN!!!


  1. These are adorable! When I used to work summer camps and after school care, decorating cupcakes was one of my favourite things to do!

  2. Hehe...That's cute. I remember when I used to dress up cupcakes for a holiday. Come to think of it...I still do. Little spiders ready to be eaten. Yum!! Plus, you picked a good cupcake flavor, too.

  3. Those are SO CUTE! I am honestly a little arachnaphobic, but those are SO CUTE that they redeem spiders for me a little bit!

  4. These are super cute! I have made "Scary Spider" cupcakes as well, sadly, pre-blog, but this inspires me to give them another go! Martha Stewart also has a great green alien-creature cupcake on her website that always turns out.

  5. LOL..I get the "Is Halloween Tomorrow" question as well!
    Love the cupcakes. I just made(and posted) about some cute Halloween cookies tonight

  6. OMG! how adorable. And you are such a nice mummy :)

  7. Those spiders turned out so good! I'll have to remember this one for our annual Halloween Party.
    Great photos!

  8. This was always the fun 'Start the Holiday' cooking with the kids fun for my son has no desire to do it, but maybe with grand kids, and I love red velvet cake, but have not had it in years...

  9. haha i love the cupcakes! They are so creepy and perfect for kids! I love your blog! I'm so glad I found it! I'll be back often :)
    -Mini Baker
    PS. your cheesecake in the post below is on the top of my list to make!!!

  10. This is so cute:) Great cup cakes!

  11. cute!! my kids would love this, what a great idea.. thanks Miranda :)

  12. Oh, those are super cute, I have to make these for my daughter!

  13. Cute cupcakes! Nice blog you have and Congrats on the Foodie Blogroll!

  14. Cute funny looking muffin creatures :) All of them look fantastic :)

  15. Oh too fun! I'm sure they loved them!

  16. Those are super cute! You guys did a fantastic job!

  17. These cupcakes are so fun! I can't wait to have kids just for the times that I can make things like this, but until then I can still enjoy them as an adult cant I? hehe

  18. These are great! Thanks for sharing.

  19. So cute!! What a great treat for Halloween. I may have to try these this year for the kids to bring to class.


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