Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fallen Angel Food Cake

Last weekend was a very eventful weekend. My baby turned 2! :(( Why is it that time speeds by and leaving mothers in the wake? Why can't a mother say, "Time is so slow. It feels like my baby has been one forever!" I mean come on! We carried them for 10 months!! It seemed like eternity that I was the size of a small house!

Not to mention, my oldest turns five in Feb! Wow...TIME FLYING AWAY!!! *Tear*
Here is my Bailey during her second birthday, my little angel!

Speaking of Angels....How about some homemade angel food cake?
I made Angel Food cake for my Father-in-Law and my kiddos. My kids would eat the entire cake if I let them.
I have a very funny story with the cake. I made the cake and went downstairs to play with my babies. My mother-in-law took it out of the oven while I was downstairs and flipped it over. Well, it collapsed. It was not ready to be out of the oven so it smacked the counter into a gooey sloppy mess.

SOOO...24 eggs later I made a second cake. It was worth the extra time.

My Angel Food Cake

12 egg whites
2 tsp. vanilla
1 1/2 tsp. cream of tartar
pinch of salt
1 cp. flour
1 1/4 cp. powdered sugar
1 cp. sugar

1. Let the egg whites sit at room temperature. While you are doing this you can sift together the powdered sugar and flour and set aside.

2. Put the egg whites in the mixer with the whisk setting and whisk on high. Add the cream of tartar, salt and vanilla. Make sure it is really thick. Begin to add one tablespoon at a time of the sugar to the egg whites. When the entire sugar is gone remove the bowl. Add a few tablespoons at a time of the flour mixture and fold into the egg whites.

3. Bake on 350 for 45 minutes until it is not sticky at touch. Do not spray the pan and make sure you flip it as soon as it comes out of the oven for an hour so it does not fall.
4. THEN EAT!!!!!

And for the kiddos I topped with whip cream and sprinkles! :)))

Enjoy while I watch my kids continue to grow. *Tear*


  1. Happy Birthday Bailey daaaahling!
    *kisses* HH

  2. What cutie with her pink dress. Enjoy these moments. Tasty looking cake, too. I think I'm ready for dessert now.

  3. Yes she is truly an adorable angel! Beautiful cake too.

  4. Happy birthday! And yay for perseverence. How sheet she is and how sweet the fluffy cake is!

  5. Happy Birthday Bailey! :)

  6. So pretty! Happy birthday kiddo!

    And good on you for doing it again. I bet she could stop eating that piece of yummy cake :)

  7. Happy Birthday to your baby girl! Why do they have to grow so fast, my youngest turns 2 in May :( Maybe it's just time for a third ;)


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