Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Makes The Worst Day Vanish Curry"

I have had a little bit of a rough week. (Welcome to parenthood)
Let's see......Where to begin....OOOHHHH I KNOW...

My youngest decided to hide my keys (house and car linked onto ONE BIG KEY CHAIN). That is where it ALL started. I did not notice right away, but when we ran out of Juice and I searched everywhere for them.

My mother-in-law informed me that while having a conversation with her on the phone I interupted her to say, "Bailey Leland put my keys back. You can not play with those! I do not want you to lose them!"

They are gone. MIA. Vanished.Disappeared....

What could make this much worse? My husband who has my spare on his set of keys is out of town for a few days. I am stranded at my home! No where to go! I can't go get Juice. Milk. Food. SANITY....

What could make that worse?!?! The power goes out in the HOT HOT Florida sun. (105..Did I mention?) No air. No internet. No phone. No cable. No lights. Must I go on?

You may ask...Can it get worse!?! Yes. It can!
As I am searching under my bed for my missing keys I hear the most god awful bang! I run into my living room to find my youngest crying and hiding....Our flat screen t.v. is laying on the floor.

While searching for my keys she decided to use the flat screen t.v. as a jungle gym. Don't worry...She was not hurt. The t.v. on the other hand has a shattered base, but it is still working..LUCKILY!

That was not the only thing she decided to do while I searched high and low for my keys....My lovely two year old also decided to scoop all the kitty poopie from the box and put it all over the kitty. Yep.

BATH TIME for the kitty!!! Claw marks for Mommy!!In the heat of my home!! With no keys!! With a shattered t.v.!!!

But at the end of the day without my husband I lay down with my beautiful little girls cuddled under each arm after devouring a huge bowl of my favorite most comforting dish .......I smile, because no matter how awful my day is I am blessed. I adore my kids no matter what type of trouble they get into. I love my husband because he is working hard away from the what he cherishes most so I can stay home with my girls....I am overwhelmed with the love I feel..

"Makes The Worst Day Vanish Curry"

By: Miranda Hagan

This is by far my favorite dish of all time. It makes you forget everything. It is so yummy!!! This is also a healthy dish!!! It warms your soul!!
1. Toss 1 16 oz. Bag Fresh Spinach, 1 Large Vidalia Onions, 1 Large Package Mushrooms sliced then, 3 Chicken Breast Sliced Thin, and 4 cps Sugar Snap Peas together with 4 tsp garlic chopped in 1 tsp Canola Oil over medium heat.

2. When the meat is cooked add 1 can of Lite Coconut Milk, 2 Cps Chicken Broth, 1 tsp. Red Curry Paste, 1 tsp. Curry Powder, 1/2 tsp. corriander, 1/2 tsp. Turmeric, 1 tsp. Crushed Red Pepper, 1/2 tsp, 1 tsp. salt and 3 TB sugar.

I just wanted to show the bag of noodles used in this dish! They are FANTASTIC!

3. Add the entire bag of Asian Egg Noodles and let it cook for three minutes until soft. Add 1/4 cp. soy sauce and 1/2 cps. of diced up cilantro. Simmer.

4. Toss and it should be ready to eat....

Yum Yum Yum!!!


  1. I'm sorry you've had such a rough week! It can only go up from here, right? This dish looks like just the thing to soothe you nerves.

  2. looks sooo good and simple to make!! sorry about the bad week!!!

  3. You are such a good person! What a terrible day, and you pulled through it with flying colors! Your comfort dish looks awesome, and I am bookmarking this one to make. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us after what you've been through.

    Did you find your keys?

  4. oh my goodness, I just wish I lived a driving distance to you, to help you look for the keys, bring you a bag of ice, a big bowl of ice cream or at least to help you eat this lovely curry noodle dish...

  5. You truly have the patience of a saint if you can hold onto your sanity after a day like that. I would have had a breakdown post-kitty.

  6. Oh...Miranda what a day but I can imagine how you feel , handling this all alone but at the end, the love for your gals empowered all. Nice curry noodles....makes me hungry...real comfort food.isn't it :) love to your gals and take care...relax and have your summer cream !!!!

  7. Sorry to hear about the horrible day. I'm glad you had this curry to cheer you up. Curry always makes me happy. :)

  8. Mommies life are never boring ... always something exciting happening. Like you, I wouldn't change a thing!

    Comfort always helps during these days.

  9. Oh, boy you are a stronger more patient parent than I am. I'd TOTALLY be freaking out. LOL Hope things have settled down!

  10. it was really nice meeting you at carraba's today! that curry looks fantastic. what brand do you use???

  11. This looks great! it was nice meeting you yesterday too!

  12. I'm sorry you'd such a rough day, Miranda. Glad it's all over. The dish looks simple & healthy, good enough for a wholesome meal.

    All the best!

  13. Oh my...sounds like a pain! The dish looks amazing though!

  14. Wow! I just had to feature your recipe and links to your blog on my blog:



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