Saturday, March 7, 2009

Leftover Beef Recipe #1

My husband looks forward to Saturday and Sunday because I always make a big breakfast. I let him and Alex choose what they would like. This morning I made him an omelet using the jalapenos I pickled and the left over beef from the roast.

I sauteed about 2/3 cp of beef with about 1/4 cp. of the jalapenos and I added some of the brine to keep the beef from drying out.

I used 4 eggs and a splash of h2o and put it in a greased pan. I added some chipotle pepper to the top of the egg.
I flipped the egg and let it cook for 2 more minutes
Added the cooked beef and about 1/2 cp of Cheddar cheese Flipped it onto a plate topped with a little more cheese and peppers.
Geoffrey loved it!

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