Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dulcet Cuisine and Cuban Sandwiches

Let me start by saying that I found an amazing company called Dulcet Cuisine and would like to share with my fellow foodies. I actually located them on under some of our favorite brands. If you would like to take a gander at her site. Pam Kraemer is the owner of Dulcet Cuisine. Pam and her company make earth friendly, 100% natural ketchup , mustard , seasonings, marinades, dressings and sauces. You can find Pam's products in whole food stores all over the country. She is very talented. I used her Creole mustard and Creole seasoning mix to make a Cuban with a twist. My husband loves spicy and he also loves Cubans....It turned out amazing. I paired it with my homemade spicy pickles that I canned a few weeks back. It turned out very very good.
If you are interested in Dulcet Cuisine visit Pam @ . Pam's dedication for food differently shows in her quality of work. I am not a huge fan of mustard and I could of dove head first into her Creole Mustard. It has so much flavor.

You know me...When I find great products I love to share them with everyone. I hope you enjoy.


I used a pork shoulder and covered it in Dulcet Creole Mustard. About 4-6 Tablespoons

I then covered the pork shoulder in the Creole seasoning.

(This pic did not turn out to good...There was steam everywhere) I browned both sides of the pork shoulder.

I then put the pork shoulder covered in a 350 oven the first hour and then 250 for most of the day until it fell apart. I would keep checking on it and adding water if necessary.This was the end of the shredded pork... Now for assembling this amazing sandwich.

I cut a cuban bread loaf in half. I added more of the creole mustard and my homemade spicy pickles.
I added two slice of swiss cheese to both sides of the sandwich. And then I added pork to the bottom of the bread and on top of that I added good quality ham.
I then put the sandwich in the Panini Sandwich maker until everything is melted and oozing out. Last but not least...I cut it in half and served it. Then my husband devoured it. YUMMY.
I hope you enjoy my recipe and I hope you visit my friend Pam.


  1. That is one tasty looking sandwich! Love the grill marks!

  2. Hmm....always love Cuban sandwiches......I might just use salami for that.


  3. Angie-Thank you so much...Salami sounds great in that sandwich.

    Finsmom-That you. I won a Krups Panini Press on Foodbuzz....It is awesome and works incredibly.

  4. LOVE Cuban Sandwish! every time I go to Miami south beach I buy myself a Cuban Sandwish And I love making Cuban Sandwish. I'm going to try it today~:Delicious!

    Thanks for sharing your recipe:)

    Join, post comments
    And you can visit me if I can visit you:)

    Have a Wonderful Friday:)

  5. I love Cuban sandwich...the pork shoulder that you feature is terrific...will definitely try it. Love the pictures as well...yummie!

  6. This sandwich is right up my alley! Thank you for the recommendation to Great Cuisine. I am always looking for tasty natural food products. All great recipes start with good ingredients.

  7. Cuban sandwich is my favorite! How can you go wrong with pork? I usually have some ham in my Cuban sandwhich as well!

    The Last Bite!

  8. That looks great and I don't even eat meat - but I LOVE spicy!! That's what caught my attention.

  9. Thank you for sharing. Sandwiches are yummy! Usually will used chicken ham or seafood. Cheers !

  10. That looks so good! I love cuban sandwiches! Thanks!

  11. Thanks for letting us know about those products. They look great! Your sandwich sounds and looks delicious.

  12. Cookin Canuck- Thank you....I know that I appreciate ppls I will be posting reviews along with my recipes.

  13. Cookin Canuck-By the way, Thank you

  14. You know, I don't think I've ever really had a Cuban before! But now, I'm more than a little curious . . . These Dulcet products look delicious! Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  15. Thank you Miranda for your kind words and enthusiasm for our products. Your cuban sounds delicious! We are hoping to launch a blog soon...perhaps we could use your Spicy Cuban Sandwich recipe there? We love to hear and share how folks use our condiments. Thank you again and keep on cooking!


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