Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tomato Sauce with Farmers Market Tomatoes

I grew up in a very VERY small farm town in Ohio. I lived near my uncles cattle farm and Meat market. My mother had an amazing garden and grew every vegetable you could think of. But what was more spectacular is I remember as a kid she would can all of the vegetables for the winter. She would can the green beans, stewed tomatoes and jams. Our basement was full of the amazing fresh vegetables my mother canned. I truly wish I could do this, but living in FL you only have limited ability at what you could grow. Yesterday I went to the farmers market and they had these AMAZINGLY beautiful tomatoes for $2.oo for a huge basket. Of course, I bought two baskets with fresh tomato sauce in mind. I called my mom when I got home and she told me to just dump boiling water on top of the tomatoes and the skin will peel right off. I was very skeptical. It could not be that easy....Needless to say, it was. I actually had my four yr. old Alexandra pulling the skin off as I seeded and cored the tomatoes. I do not think I will buy canned tomatoes again.....We shall see, but this sauce was so refreshing and good. I cannot put into words how this made my taste buds danced....What a difference. I hope this inspires other people to try this. It was very easy. Enjoy

I washed and scrubbed the tomatoes. I would say there was about a dozen tomatoes. I then boiled about 4 gallons of water. I then dumped it on top of the tomatoes.

As you can see, the skinned pulled right up. My four yr. old pulled the skin of all the tomatoes in less then 15 minutes. I adore my little helper.

This is the pot of seeded, cored and skinned tomatoes. After Alex took the skin off I rinsed the seeds out and cored the tomatoes.

I put the tomatoes on medium heat with a little salt and pepper.

I totally could of ate the entire pot of sauce with just the salt and pepper that is how amazing it tasted.

This is what the final product turned out...I did not add to much to the sauce. I made it simple because I did not want to alter the amazing taste of the fresh tomatoes....
The recipe: FRESH Tomato Sauce
12 whole tomatoes cooked down (I cooked for about 2-4 hours)
salt and pepper
2 TB olive oil
1 onion, chopped
4 garlic cloves, minced
1/2 cp. fresh basil
1/4 cp. fresh oregano
Optional: 2-4 TB tomato paste
1. When the tomatoes have cooked down. Saute the onions and garlic in about 2 TB of olive oil in s separate pan. When translucent add the stewed tomatoes that are cooked down. Add the basil and Oregano. If the sauce (ONLY IF you need )add a little tomato paste.


  1. With all this talk about the Farmer's Market, I'm wondering if I couldn't grow some of my own veggies. I LOVE fresh ingredients, but as you and I talked before, there's no way for me to get to the Market on Wednesday morning before work! Growing veggies can't be that hard....right?

  2. Lauren,
    I actually grow jalapenos, serrano peppers, cuban pepper, roma tomatoes and ALL (oregano,basil,mint,rosemary,sage and thyme) all on my front porch.....It is really simple. I love fresh herbs and ingredients.

  3. I've always wanted to try canning, but it seems very intimidating. This sauce looks delicious. Thanks Miranda :)

  4. I love to have a garden like all :) my biggest challenge are the chipmunks and squirrels!! They too love my garden :(
    Tomato sauce looks yum

  5. I have a mini garden....I love making homemade salsa...I make it once a wk. so I wanted the peppers and tomatoes for it.
    The herb garden is a lifesaver....It is my fav.
    Thanks for the comments!!!

  6. KrisKishere- I actually have canned 4 times in the last few months. I made pickles-Dill and Spicy. I have made four jams-Blueberry,Strawberry, Peach and Peach Cinnamon.

    I am now addicted. It is a lot of fun.

  7. I dont think there is anything yummier than fresh tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes... yum!

  8. That looks yummy. We eat lots of pasta so tomato sauce is a must, In the summer I make my own with fresh tomatoes, but in the winter I used can tomatoes.thanx for sharing.

  9. Whenever I read your blog I think how lucky your kiddies are. Its so cool the way you cook with them.

  10. HH-Thank you so much..That means a lot. I strive to be a great mom...We are going to make sugar cookies. I just made vanilla sugar and it is soooo good. I want to make cookies with it (maybe your recipe)

    Laura-That is how I was raised. My mother canned all of her tomatoes.

    Finsmom-Thank you so much for the comments..

  11. Wow! Not only did you inspire me to try this but Im going to get my Alex to start helping too lol Great idea to get the kids involved!

  12. Thanks Ruth! I always have my four yr. old in the kitchen with me. Bailey is only one. She is a little to young, but she loves to lick the beaters when I am done baking....LOL

  13. Wonderful looking and tasty fresh tomato sauce! Doesn't get much better than that! I grow my own herbs, tomatoes, peppers, cukes, squash, zukes and watermelons. I also do a lot of canning each summer. Not hard once you get the "hang" of it! Must be sure to follow the USDA guidelines for processing though!

  14. Mmmm . .that looks so good! I live in a condo, and thus can't grow anything and have to rely on Farmer's Markets.

  15. Jglee- I actually live in a cluster home without a yard....I grow everything on the front porch.

  16. Healthy and Fresh. Thank you for sharing.

  17. This sauce looks so fresh and delicious! I am also so intimidated by canning and really need to get over that. I'd love to have multiple cans of tomato sauce available to me during the winter.

  18. This looks wonderful. fresh tomatoes are really one of the greatest things ever. As child I would eat them apple style all summer long. Can't wait for the ones in the garden to come in. Thanks for the recipe :)

  19. Fresh is best! Our tomatoes are still a little too young but I can't wait until they're ready to be picked. My herb garden, however, is going gangbusters so I've been awash in basil, cilantro, dill, parsley etc. . . but really, the only thing that would cap my summer bounty would be red ripe tomatoes!

  20. Just found your blog it! I'm a fellow Floridian living in South FL. I just did a post last night on irrational fear of them & needing advice from readers. This post has been a tremendous help to me...esp with the pics. Great to know my kids can help with peeling off the skin. I'd love some tomato advice from you if you have a chance to pop over to my blog. Thanks!


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