Monday, June 29, 2009

Triple Vanilla Sugar Cookies and A Broken Mixer

Let me start by telling a funny and sad story. I had my four yr. old Alex in the kitchen with me to help me make the cookies. I had her scraping the bowl with the spatula and combine the butter and sugar. All of a sudden I see her put the spatula in the bowl and push the bowl. The bowl goes spinning and the spatula is wedged in between the two beaters. Then you hear the loudest ugliest sound. Bailey (My one yr. old) goes running for her life right into the wall leaving a goose egg and a crying baby. My oldest is hiding because she is scared and she know she just destroyed my mixer. After I finally calmed my babies down I take a gander at the damage....This is what I see:

A cookie dough plastic mess. Not to mention, my beaters are bent and deformed causing it to be impossible to get out.......I told my four yr. old that we could not make the cookies now...She cries harder. So I remake the entire thing by hand...AND YES, I let her help again. You can see her tiny hand putting the dry ingredients through a sifter.

Triple Vanilla Sugar Cookies

3 cps. flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 baking powder
pinch salt
1. Sift all the dry ingredients together

The wet ingredients:
1 cp. or 2 sticks of softened butter
1 3/4 cp.vanilla sugar
1 egg, beaten
1 1/2 tsp. BVBC vanilla paste or vanilla extracts
1 tsp. ground BVBC vanilla bean
1. Mix the butter until smooth

2. Add the sugar and vanilla paste. Mix until fluffy and well combined

3. Add one tsp. of the ground bourbon vanilla bean
4. Add on egg. Mix until combined.

5. Slowly add the flour mixture and mix. Do not over work. Mix until just combined.

6. Roll in small balls and put a little Sugar on top. Bake on 350 for to minutes...

MMMMMHHHH....Let the kids watch them cook.....SO EXCITED.

The cookies are cooling....

EAT!!!! These turned out sooooo yummy. Enjoy!!!


  1. Aw lol they do look yummy though! How sweet! Love the way you kept your cool!

  2. Justin-You are right. I never thought using a mixer could be dangerous for little ones.

    Ruth- Thank you Thank you! It try to keep it cool. No reason to lose it...My babies would be more upset.

  3. Patience is a virtue which you definitely have! It is so sweet that you made them again by hand! There is nothing worse than creaming butter by hand, in my opinion! Haha! The cookies look great!

  4. That Story made my Day you made me Laugh. Wow I hope they are OK! Perfect age to be curious about making cookies.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful Cookies~

    Have Sunny Day~~~

  5. Thank you so much for your kind comments foodcreate and Teanna....It means a lot.

    I love to laugh, foodcreate. I belly laugh atleast three times a day by my four yr. olds antics.

    I love it.

  6. I love the picture where they are watching the cookies baking, I used to do that...SO CUTE!!!

  7. least they still got some cookies. Mixers are replaceable. Kid moments like those one come once.

  8. So sorry to hear about your mixer!

    And arnt you a fantastic mom for still letting them help! As hard as it can be sometimes, these are the memories they remember. They will forget about the goose egg and the broken beaters, but will remember the fun times with mom :)

  9. I looooove the photo of the kids looking through the window!!!!!! :))))

  10. that is too cute! I hope you're able to replace the part that is broken

  11. Great story. I think I will pull this post up tomorrow and show it to *my* 4 yo daughter named Alex :) as a warning tale about messing with the mixer. She has wanted to scrape the bowl in the past and I have let her a little (she helps with most other things) but now I see my concern is justified!

  12. HH and Christine-The pic did not come out that well, but I had to post it....I love how excited they get for some homemade cookies. It is priceless...THANK YOU BOTH

    Jenn-You are right. I love mommments like this...Thank you.

    finsmom-THank you for the wonderful comments.

    Jessie-I just need new beaters.

    Sizzlechef-Thank you.

    Laura- I never thought about it being dangerous...NOw I know. Thanks for your comments.

  13. Poor little things! And sorry about your mixer. However, your cookies look delicious.

  14. Yikes! Sorry to hear about the mishap. That picture of them watching the cookies bake is adorable!

  15. Cookin Canuck-Thank you very much....

    Lori- I love that pic too....Even though it is a little blurry. I had to post it.

  16. Sorry for laughing but his is so funny and exactly what happens when you start the littles out! It will all pay off some years from now when she comes in with a fresh platter of sugar cookies just for your tea.

  17. Sorry to hear about your mixer but chalk it down to a lesson learned by the little one without getting hurt. I applaud you for taking it calmly and continuing with the cookie baking. Look at it this way - by making it by hand, your daughter can see that you don't have to rely on machines! The cookies look delicious - sugar cookies are a favorite of my husband's, especially if it has M&M's on top!


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