Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Parmesan Potato Chips for a Playdate

I have mentioned before that I bake or cook for many mommy play dates.

Today I made homemade potato chips. I sprinkled each with a little bit of salt and some Parmesan cheese.

I love potato chips, but I love homemade potato chips even more. Bailey Leland, my 18 month old, would eat the entire batch if I let her.

Anyway, my Amiga has four girls and I have two...Lets just say, it is a party when we get together. These are for her.....

I made many batches, but it is easier to give you the recipe this way. This way you can choose how much to make and season the chips per patch

1 batch:

1 medium potato sliced very very thin ( I used my KA Mandolin)
1/2 tsp salt
2 TB of Parmesan cheese

Quart of oil.

1. Heat oil to 350.
2. Slice the potatoes really thin and drop in the hot oil. I cut them right before I fried them.
3. As soon as you remove them from the oil season.

These keep really well in a freezer safe baggy...
I made cracked black pepper and salt for the adult....
I also made fried sweet potato chips with cinnamon and sugar..



  1. I have never made potato chips at home. These look great and crispy! Sweet Potato chips with cinnamon sound amazing! Wow!!

  2. Great post! I used to make homemade potato chips. Don't know why I don't do that anymore. Thanks for reminding me how great these are.

  3. I do love your idea of Sweet Potato chips with cinnamon, that must be so awesome!

  4. Mmmm...homemade potato chips are the best. No preservatives and all that jazz, but the fact that people know that you made it is even better. I made some salt and vinegar chips a couple weeks back. definitely WAY better than the store kind.

  5. Thank you for the reminder that I seriously need to invest in a mandolin :)

  6. Here you go. My version of salt and vinegar chips. ;-)

  7. Wow, you even make your own potatoe chips???? I am so beyond impressed.
    p.s. that other blog in my name really isn't my blog. i have never written for it. i don't know how to take it off.

  8. I just ate dinner Miranda but I'm hungry all over again! I love fresh chips!

  9. Miranda is my magic chef friend who always mesmerized me with her lovely recipe!
    I wish I am in kids party and have a whole batch, you make me feel so hungry for chips that I am sitting with a pack of Lays (I can't wait to cook).But surely I will make this at home they are really mouth watering.

  10. Fresh Chips are tasty and good for snacks. Thank you for sharing. Cheers !

  11. Yum...I could eat WAY too many of those chips.

  12. Love this amazing looking Chips!
    Great Blog:)


    Have a great Day ~~~

  13. This sounds great and what a perfect playdate snack. I'm a new reader to your blog and I love it!

  14. great idea

    By the way I changed my site address to
    To match the name ! Love Rebecca

  15. Great recipe and nice flavor to use for chips. As purveyor of the web site, I can appreciate your fervor in making your own homemade chips and flavoring. Way to go!


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