Monday, July 13, 2009

Mac and Cheese with Shrimp

My husband loves shrimp and my girls love mac and cheese. I decided to combine them.

This turned out spectacular.T

My husband and kiddos devoured their food like vultures. I take this as a 5 star review on my meal.

This meal is quick, easy and decedent. What more would you want?

Mac and Cheese with Shrimp

1 box of noodles
1 stick of butter
1/4 cp. flour
1 quart of milk
2 cps. Gruyer Cheese
4 cps. Chedder Cheese
1 - 2 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1/2 cp. Asiago + 1/4 cp Asiago
1 cp. panko

1lb. steamed shrimp (I bamboo steamed my shrimp as I boiled the pasta. If you do not have a bamboo steamer....Invest in one. They rock.)

1. Add the milk to a pan and warm. Do not boil. Boil the pasta until Al dente
2. Add the butter and then whisk in the flour. Add the hot milk. Add the cheeses: all of the chedder and Gruyer. Add only 1/2 a cp. of the asiago. salt and pepper.
3. Add the pasta. Then transfer to a large pan. I used my Le Creuset Cast Iron. Combine the planko and the Asiago cheese and top the mac and cheese.
4. Bake on 350 for about 30-45 minutes. When it is crusty on the top and bubbly around the sides.

When I removed the mac and cheese I stirred in the steamed shrimp for the hubby.
I added a little heat. I added Old Bay to the steamed shrimp.

I hope you everyone will enjoy!


  1. what a wonderful idea basically anything goes with mac and cheese he he

  2. Nice. I remember making some mac and cheese with shrimp and couple months back. It's a great combination.

  3. Looks delicious

  4. This is my kind of mac and cheese. Don't you love it when you hit the jackpot with the kids?

  5. This is a really interesting take on mac and cheese. Adding the shrimp gives it a little more protein as well as a more adult flavor.

  6. This sounds out of this world!! Simple, yet decadent...lovely :)

  7. LOVE Old Bay on Shrimp! And with Mac and Cheese! That dish looks amazing!!! Gorgeous!

  8. Yumm! Comfort food with a dash of decadence!

  9. Who doesn't love a good mac and cheese? ..and with shrimp? :) Yum!

  10. Hi Miranda - Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm happy to have found you too. Love mac and cheese with shrimp. Adding some crab is delish too.

    Very nice photos.

  11. My shrimp loving kids would LOVE this - great idea.

  12. That sounds great. You know, I was watching Foodnetwork a while ago and one of the chefs made a comment about not being able to appreciate cheese with shrimp. I must be taste deprived!

  13. husband will love this!

  14. Hi Miranda,
    This is a wonderful mac & Cheese with Shrimp . I will definitely try this out when the Piggies are back. They love Mac & Cheese too!

    I have passed the Kreativ Blogger Award to you :)

  15. mac and cheese kicked up a notch! I love it

  16. I wish I could shop more at the farmer's market but my schedule doesn't always allow for that. The one in Florida sounds awesome and I think it is great that you bring your kids with you so they can appreciate fresh produce and natural foods - or at least someday they will ;)

    I really do love your posts, I barely have time to cook a lot during the week let alone blog about it so I don't know how you do it with two kids!

    Have a great Wednesday :)


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