Monday, July 13, 2009

Review: Viking 5 QT Stand Mixer

What do we know about the Viking Company? Other than every Food Network kitchen and five-star homemaker, the start is quite noble and familiar; a husband wanting to appease his wife. Fed E Carl Jr. was a fourth generation building contractor. While performing and ambitious designing/building of their new home in the 1980’s, The Mr. & Mrs. had a major dilemma.

Fred wanted a commercial range without the dangers of the extreme heat and high energy output. Fred’s wife wanted old chambers range*.

He decided to combine both needs and designed the first high-end residential range – a heavy duty, high performance, and stylish - to achieve the commercial kitchen greatness and removing the shortcomings.

Fred went into mass production in January of 1987 calling his company “Viking”. Yes, American Made!

In 2002, Viking joined the market of selling culinary products such as mixer, toasters, blenders, food processors and other kitchen necessities.

To this day, Viking is passing on Fred’s passion for professional quality and durability to the pro’s, amateurs, and coinsures.

I adore my Viking 5 qt. Stand mixer for numerous reasons: 1) it’s presence is confident and bold 2) the operations are powerful and smooth 3) it’s simple, and 4.)gracefully glides on wheels across the countertop.

Versatility in attachments such as food grinder, shredder, and pasta maker really ratchet up the deal compared to multiple second tier machines. You all know the reputation.

Fred gave his wife what she wanted. I think along the same lines, right Geoff? Hint. Hint.

* The Chambers stove is a generic name for several different kitchen cooking appliances sold under the Chambers brand name from 1912 to approximately 1988. Their ranges and stand-alone ovens were known for their patented insulation methods, which enabled them to cook on retained heat with the fuel turned off. – via Wikipedia


  1. I am not sure, but i don't think i've seen these in the UK. Looks very cool.

  2. I need to add it to my wedding list!

  3. Cool. Thank you for sharing. Informative. Cheers !

  4. I remember the first time I saw the Viking mixer. It was on Emeril's show on the food network. I have a kitchenaid that will be 17 years young this August. Is it better than the kitchenaid?

  5. Lucia-
    The Viking is durable and has commercial strength, but is made for households.
    I have not owned a KA. I could not answer that question.
    I know, I love my Viking Mixer.


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