Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday Morning Sticky Rolls

Hey there everyone, as you can tell my post are not frequent since vacation. I started my 4 yr. old in preschool and I am becoming adjusted to a new schedule. I love writing and cooking about food....I will get back in the swing of things..I promise.
NOW! Lets talk about these amazing sticky buns. You will never guess where I found this recipe! Are you guessing? Out of a novel!!! Yep!! Crazy, I know. I am reading a book called Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult. (She is the auther of My Sisters Keeper) The book is wonderful and one of the characters is a Pastry Chef. She has recipes throughout the book that I can't wait to try. These sticky rolls turned out incredible.

The Recipe for The Sunday Morning Sticky Rolls:


3 1/4 cp. AP flour
1/3 cp. sugar
1 tsp. salt
2 packages of dry yeast
1 cp. of heated milk
1 egg
1/3 stick of butter, soft


1 stick of unsalted butter
3/4 cp. of brown sugar
1/4 cp. light corn syrup

3/4 cp. Pecans

2 TB butter, soft

1/2 cp. chopped Pecans
2 TB sugar
2 TB b. sugar
1 tsp. cinnamon

1. I added all the ingredients for the dough in my food processor and processed until it formed a ball. I removed it and kneaded for 5 minutes. Set in greased bowl for 1 1/2 hours

2. While I waited. I made the caramel. I added the butter and brown sugar and brought it to a boil. I continued to stir. I removed it from the burner when it began a rapid boil. I added the corn syrup. Then, poured it into a 9x13 pan. Sprinkile the whole pecans on top of the caramel sauce.

3. When the dough was ready I punched it down. I rolled it out into a 15 by 10 inches. I smeared the butter all over and then sprinkled with the filling. I rolled it like a jelly roll. Cut it into 8 equal slices. Refridge for 12 hours. (I make the night before)

4. In the morning through it in the oven...35 minutes on 350.



  1. These look fabulous and will be a great addition to my fall baking. I look forward to seeing more recipes from the book!

  2. these look great cool out of a novel

  3. Sticky buns!!!! I love sticky buns. I could eat those any day. Yum!!!

  4. my husband and i were just talking about making sticky buns on sunday mornings, and how fabulous it always is...thanks for the recipe.

  5. these look great i haven't made sticky buns since the day charlie came through, our electric went out alot earlier than I thought it would, and they didn't finish cooking, and then being w/out power for so long left a sour memory, but I should try them again

  6. Nothing better than cinnamon rolls on Sun morning..ahh who am I kidding, there is nothing betteer than cinnamon rolls EVERY morning!

  7. I need urgently a bite on these cinnamon rolls positively dreamy :)



  8. No kidding, Handle with Care had this recipe? I haven't started that book yet but it's on my bedside table. I really like Picoult and she threw in a recipe? Sweet!

  9. I keep collecting recipes for things like this and have yet to try them...they look awesome!

  10. Oh, they sound delicious...and they're enough to make me want to try out the book! :)

  11. How cool that you found the recipe in a book you were reading! The cinnamon sticky buns sound fantastic!

  12. I love sticky rolls/cinnamon buns. I also like the ones without cinnamon in it. I just had a great cinnamon buns yesterday:) thanks for sharing.

  13. These look great! Perfect for a Sunday morning.

  14. Every time I come over here, those pork sandwiches hit me where the hunger pains are, and then you put these delicious sticky buns up this what you get when you get up for school at your house? I am willing to go back for someone to cook these for me...we ate cereal when I was growing up :)

  15. Miranda, these sticky rolls look amazing! The stickier the better in my book!

  16. Those look fantastic!

  17. They certainly look incredible!

    I haven't read that book but I have read several other books of hers all of which have been quite good.

  18. Sticky rolls are number 1 on my list of things to bake but I never get around to it!!! Yours look delicious!!

  19. Yum!! The sticky rolls look great.

  20. Oh my god! Miranda, I promise you these will be on my breakfast plate sunday morning!!

  21. Miranda...this is my kids favorite and all the times I used the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. Well...looks like rite now I can use your recipe and thanks for sharing!!!

  22. sorry for the late reply,I'm trying to catch up on blogs :) your sticky rolls look yummy, they do bring me back to when I was kid, I use eat these often!

  23. Miranda,
    Yummy Yummy!
    Delicious food for breakfast.
    Thanks for sharing.

  24. I made these and OMG -- I ate 4 or 5 myself (over the course of the day)


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