Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chicken Tenders for Alex

My Alexandra loves Chicken Tenders. They are one of her all time favorite foods. I do not buy them frozen anymore because I found out how simple (and delishes) it is to make your own.

These are so fantastic. Crunchy. Tender. Yummy.

My husband actually preferred eating these chicken tenders over the very spicy jambalaya that I made him. He actually requests me to make them for him now...His words, "Restaurant Quality"

Of course, It was a winner for my two little munchkins too.

They are very simple and take less then 15 minutes..

Give it a try!!!


2 Eggs
Splash or two of water

1 cp panko
1 cp. flour

Chicken tenders
Seasoned salt

1. Heat the oil.
2. Make two dishes. One with the eggs and water whisked together and season with the seasoned salt and pepper. Dish number two add the panko and flour. Season this with salt and pepper.
3. Pat dry the chicken tenders. Dip in egg wash and then panko mixture. Repeat one more time. Put in the oil. When browned remove...EAT! Isn't that super easy!!


  1. Chicken tenders are one of my all time favs. I could totally gobble these up :D
    *kisses* HH

  2. The chicken tenders look nice and crunchy, yum!

  3. All kids are born with a chicken tender gene - they gravitate towards them. These are just grand - and homemade! I can see why even your husband happily gobbles them up.

  4. I've done these before and you're right! They are sooo much better than frozen. And better than a lot of diners, too.

    Good post. Now come up with a fancy dipping sauce, please. :0)

  5. Oh! Can you believe that I never made chicken tenders? Yours sure looks delicious, love the pictures, very tempting :-)

  6. These look seriously outstanding! You really achieved a wonderful crust and crunch on them.

  7. Sooo much better than the frozen variety!

  8. Delicious - and so crunchy looking! Chicken tenders are always a crowd pleaser for both adults and kids.

  9. Looks very good.Thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. My children aren't keen on chicken tenders but I think they'd like these. Real chicken, crisp, flavorful,and freshly made? Yup, I think they'd change their minds on chicken tenders! :)


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