Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fried Green Tomatoes, Ham and Egg Sandwich

I made this for my hubby this morning. I never had fried green tomatoes before. I was pleasantly surprised at how incredible they tasted. I breaded the tomatoes with 1/2 cp flour, 1.2 cp bread crumbs, Lawrys Salt, Cayenne Pepper and Pepper.(Peppers and Salt to taste. Geoff likes it spicy so I add a little more cayenne) I dipped in eggs and water and then the breading and fried it in a few TB of oil. MAN!! They are so good!!!
2 Slices Rye (Toasted)
4 Slices Muenster Cheese
A few slices of ham off the bone
2 fried Eggs with salt and pepper
2 TB minced jalapeno
2 Fried Green Tomatoes
1. I toasted the bread and as soon as it came out I topped both slices with 2 slices of muenster. I then put the two fried green tomatoes on one slice.
2. I fried the eggs with a little oil and put the ham in the same pan to brown it.
3. When the eggs where done I put in on the slice of bread with out the tomatoes and then topped it with the browned ham and jalapenos. I put the second slice of bread on top with the tomatoes.....WHOLOA!


  1. This does look great! Clever sticking the tomatoes inside the it!


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