Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cinnamon Sugar Bread and Cappucino Bread

I found this recipe on the author or website was from Check the recipe out there.
I did embellish a little. I added an extra egg and for one of the loafs I added brown sugar and cappuccino. IT WAS SO YUMMY! I could not stop eating this bread. It was moist and had so much flavor.
This morning, for my family I cut the bread in thick slices and made french toast with the bread. I topped with powdered sugar. It was so good. This is a must try recipe.

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  1. Wow you did an awesome job. Great idea to make french toast out of it! Also I like your little twist on it, very cool! Thanks for the lovely comment. I really like your site too, you have some fantastic recipies I want to try for myself :)


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